What they needed


Maatkasten Online, as it’s in the name, wants to sell custom-made cabinets online. Because you need a lot of different specifications to make something custom-made, and there are different details and materials, it’s not so straightforward for the end-user to order this online without a personal meeting.

How we did it


That’s why we’ve built a web-based 3D configurator. Thanks to our configurator, customers can quickly and easily assemble their dream cabinets. Start your own creation process with a basic design and enter the dimensions of the room. Afterwards you go through some more steps to determine the layout, content and finish. The result is the ideal custom-made cabinet in a few clicks. Delivered in a few days time!

Super! Thank you, it looks great! Communication Officer & Interior Designer

Teaser video

You can check out the configurator at



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