NDSM Explorer Innovative, Interactive and Online

How do you show home buyers, investors, entrepreneurs and third parties such as the municipality of Amsterdam the added value of your (area) development?

The NDSM explorer has been developed with precisely those thoughts as a basis.

The tool had to be visually appealing, viewable online, be future-proof and be able to provide inspiration to the user from area level to unit level.

The NDSM Explorer runs on the Showreal Online platform, developed in-house by Nanopixel and it’s the perfect online tool for visualizing and marketing real estate projects.

Got curious? Discover the tool below! Suggestion: the tool works best on your tablet, laptop and PC.

NDSM Explorer (Tap screen to Start)

'When buying a home, it's mainly about the location and the surroundings. What will the neighborhood look like, is it easily accessible, who will be my neighbors, are there good facilities, is there nature nearby and, for example, cozy shops and restaurants? It is also a useful medium for the municipality of Amsterdam and investors to orientate themselves.' Danielle Rossmeissl , Real Estate Developer at BMB Ontwikkeling

3D Animation

'COVID-19 has provided a digital acceleration in the real estate sector. Digitizing a project and showcasing it online allows us a safe and fast way to communicate. Buyers preferably start their orientation online from home. We respond to this perfectly with the NDSM Explorer.' Danielle Rossmeissl , Real Estate Developer at BMB Ontwikkeling
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