Discover our VR experience for ING!

A virtual experience is almost as powerful as a real experience. That is why Nanopixel has developed a virtual reality experience for ING. The intention is to introduce entrepreneurs and young companies to the benefits of various new payment options. It concerns the services ePay and invoice solutions from ING and their partnerships with Payconiq (a mobile payment app) and JOYN (a digital customer card).

How can you explain something better to someone than to let the person experience it in real time? A textual summary of the benefits or even a movie that illustrates everything can be difficult to convince. With virtual reality you are 100% with the attention to the given and it also leaves a lasting impression. That is why we strongly believe that real time rendering is in many cases the way to go!


As the expression says, first see and then believe! Dietrich De Blander - CEO Nanopixel

Nanopixel provides a first! We have succeeded in translating difficult material (in this case financially) very clearly and clearly into a unique interactive experience. Discover the virtual experience for ING today and tomorrow (26 and 27 April) at De Week van De Ondernemers, Droh! Me (Chausseée De La Hulpe 53, B-1180 UCCLE).

Written by
Gauthier Creytens Digital Marketeer