Vastgoedgroep Degroote

You're a real estate company and bought the very last piece of development land in the prestigious Nieuwpoort-Bad.  
This building will be a crown jewel on the Belgian coast, you already have a name for the project, but how do you present it to the world the right way ? 
"Knock, knock, who's there ?" - 'It's Nanopixel.'

the way of selling real estate

Showreal© is an established value in the real estate market, as the most interactive sales tool ever, with Degroote as one of our pioneer customers. You can read a testimonial about previous collabs here.

For this project though, we promised Degroote some crazy, new features that would elevate their sales.

Showreal© 3.0 has arrived.

NEW! Open the window

This feature allows you to virtually open a window of your future apartment and enjoy the views as they will be in reality.
Lifelike sounds that provide an unseen unheard immersive experience in the sales office.
Whether you want to hear the soothing sounds of the sea or the vibrant life of the area, it's all possible!

NEW! Fly-in video

Be carried away by spectacular fly-in movies to showcase your project from different angles.
Point out the surroundings or the setting of the location convincing your customers of their future here.


Thanks to these innovative features, you can get to know One Beach (or your future project) in an unprecedented way, as if you already lived there.
We cordially invite you to come and experience this for yourself in Degroote's sales office at Sint-Bernardusplein 2A, Nieuwpoort

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