Make complexity simple

Sidem is a leading European designer and manufacturer of steering and suspension parts for the car assembly and replacement market in the automotive sector.
But how do you make a rather complex, technical product easily accessible for your customers and new staff, without making your hands dirty touching the greasy, oily parts? 

Insert 3D

the impossible can be done

What's impossible in real life, can be done in CGI. Want to open up a car, and look whats under the hood, and zoom in to the level of a tiny rubber band ? 

We've got you.


With a product like this, we explored the possibilities of how we could help the customer.  Besides product visuals, we created a conceptual yet realistic video. We played around with the parts inside and outside a car in different sceneries, created overviews and close-ups, giving the client freedom in both their marketing campaign and in-house trainings. 


and explode

From car to screw all the way back to car.
Exploded and imploded views help the customer in giving the most detailed trainings and product incentives.

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