interactive warehouse

Stow / Movu

Stow / Movu

Automation in motion

You're a leading company in the world of stacking, racking and automated warehouse solutions, but you're still presenting your products with brochures?
Nanopixel to the rescue.

Presenting Showreal©. 
The way to present your product in an interactive way. 
Let's set your product in motion

Interactive showcasing

Entertain your customers. You now have the visual eye candy to support and increase your closed deals. 

  • Interactivity with your product
  • Great way to give lots of facts and figures
  • Accessible everywhere
  • Data captation

In short for the people of Stow / MOVU it was hard to showcase all products in real life on a fair or showroom, as the amount of sqm they'd need is massive.
With Showreal they can now let their customers walk around in the warehouse virtually, without having logistic hassle.

Interactive showcasing

Try it out now

If you were at a toys store now, you'd see a box presenting Showreal with a giant, red button saying 'TRY ME'.

Well, we'd love you to. 

So, you want to take a look inside Stow/MOVU's warehouse ?

Hit it.

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