Online configurator



conference technology

Televic is a global leading expert in conferencing technology.
Whether it is a boardroom or a parliament, their top-notch conferencing technology, that is purpose-built for government and public services, always serves the tailored needs of their often demanding customers.

the need

Most public spaces where Televic needs to work are protected heritage where it’s not allowed to do much modifications, stand alone milling out some pieces of tabletops or armrests. Therefore they offer a tailor-made solution to their customers. And to present that they counted on Nanopixel with a custom-built online configurator.

Goal achieved?

The configurator is now both a helpful tool for the Televic Sales team and for the end user. A sales representative can immediately show his client what the product might look like. An end user that is configuring online, can immediately see how many components are going to fit in the available space he has.
Less doubts, more conversions.

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