The Grand

"Imagine an ancient, wise building rocking a hipster beard and a skinny jeans."

In other words, a historical building with a contemporary spirit.
VDD Project Development teamed up with David Chipperfield architects to restore an iconic momument to its original grandeur.
The design introduces innovative means of re-developing a building, in which its historic qualities are celebrated and interventions are permitted only if they amplify the original idea of the premises.

Our time to shine

Not only did we provide high quality imagery, we created 3D animations to give potential buyers a better view on how extraordinary this project is.
Together with interior designer Arjaan De Feyter, we pulled some bespoke interiors out of our hats.

Our time to shine

Social snacks

Social media is key. So not only did we make HD animations, we provided some social snacks as well.
Perfectly timed animations, mesmerizing aesthetics and the perfect ratio to pop out on your social media platform.

Incomparable apartments with a unique identity

Each a gem in its own right and subtly incorporating the allure and aesthetics of The Grand's exterior.
Grandeur, total comfort and a high-end, sustainable finish framed by Nanopixel in impeccable visualisations.

Online sales tool

We provided the VDD team of a custom sales tool to help clients find their preferred apartment in the Grand.

Online sales tool

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