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If you are looking for a wide range of facing bricks, facade systems, brick slips, and fired bricks, you have come to the right place. As a committed construction partner, they want your projects to be the absolute best they can be. That's why they offer you inspiration, accurate advice and useful tools. Step into the digital world of bricks !


client expectations

Since Vandersanden only offers the best to their customers they only wanted the best from us. The highest quality and the best performance. What they wanted exactly ? Everything. Period. From scans of the bricks, to digital twins, over a texture generator to a full blown home visualisation tool.
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First things first. Every house needs solid foundations, so did our tools.
We needed a scan of every brick. Manual photography is low efficient, so we built a brick scanner from scratch. 


from bricks to texture

Now that we had all bricks digitally, we could start making some textures. Vandersanden now provides our texture generator online, where you can choose your masonry, joint color and joint thickness and set the dimensions of the wall you need a texture for. Textures can be used in architectural programs or every 3D engine and are provided in less than 2 minutes.

showroom experience

Finally we created a showroom experience for all Vandersanden showrooms, in which you can select your type of house, up to the color of the windows, and can visualise the façade and driveway bricks in the exact way you want it to be.

showroom experience
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