Slappy Board

Gold on Epic Game Jam 2019

This year, for the 5th year in a row, Epic Games organised the Epic Megajam in which thousands of developers registered and where no fewer than 451 games were made. Some artists and developers at Nanopixel also decided to form a team and to participate after working hours: Arthy Neirynck, Laura Nolens, Mathias Lauwers, Maxime Barbieux en Mathias De Coster.

6 days worldwide

Developers around the world were given 6 days to complete the assignment successfully, to determine the scope of the project correctly and to work out a fun, “finished” game in an unreal engine. This year’s theme was “Down to earth”, which could be interpreted both literally and figuratively.

"Great example of gamejam type game ...managed their scope really well and great use of assets. I like their interpretation of the down to earth theme" Tanner Kalstrom, founder and CEO of and contest judge
Slappy Board Game Trailer

Winner category ‘Is this real life’ (VR/AR/MR)

The results of December 12 already show that our team has succeeded in this.

Within the “Is this real life” category (VR / AR / MR) they achieved no less than the first place!

With a theme, the team set to work during a lunch break to come up with a concept. After a creative storm the idea arose :. “Slappy board”, a game in which two people compete against each other. one person receives VR glasses and must lead a meeting and the other, who receives a controller, has to do everything in his power to make the meeting fail.

Download Slappy Board
"There is quite a bit of depth to slappy board. Its a cheer joy playing slappy board and it runs well. There is no jankiness when playing the game" Victor Brodin, community manager at Epic and contest judge
Written by
Mathias Lauwers VR Developer