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Nanopixel develops progressive VR visualization of epilepsy attack in the brain

A unique collaboration between Nanopixel, Imec, Health House, KU Leuven professor Wim Van Paeschen and Piet Goddaer
Scientifically and completely truthfully depicting an epileptic attack and being able to experience it, until now it was pure fiction. Thanks to Nanopixel, Belgian market leader in the field of virtual reality experiences, from 18 March in the Health House in Leuven there is a VR experience with which the medical world around the world can get acquainted with the latest medical breakthroughs in epilepsy treatment. The concept and development was done by Nanopixel, in close collaboration with Imec, Health House, KU Leuven and Piet Goddaer, aka Ozark Henry.

In Belgium, an estimated 60,000 people have epilepsy. But explaining how such an epileptic seizure now comes about and really feels up to now was not an easy task. Soon the Health House in Leuven, which opens on 18 March, will be set up with which you can experience it yourself. VR market leader Nanopixel has developed the application in collaboration with KU Leuven professor Wim Van Paeschen, specialist in epilepsy and epilepsy surgery. The knowledge and experience of Van Paeschen have ensured that Nanopixel has been able to sketch a completely truthful, scientific image.

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Absolute world first

For the first time, an extra dimension was added to a Virtual Reality experience, namely 3D immersive sound. Composing sound in 3D creates an unseen listening experience that makes the immersive VR experience unrivaled in the world. Piet Goddaer, better known as Ozark Henry, used the latest technology in his studio to make the new sound experience possible. Via stethoscopes and dozens of sensors on the body, effective body sounds were also recorded in 3D. You are in the middle of the human body during the VR experience and this is what you see and hear. An immersive experience that reinforces the content of the message.

Kevin Taelman, COO of Nanopixel: “In the medical sector we are not on our test piece and this was another special challenge. From the thinking up to and including the execution we went to the extreme with our team. The result is a VR experience that can be counted among the world leaders and an absolute first in the medical world. Our goal is always to develop unique experiences for our customers. More than ever we notice a growing interest in VR and other immersive technologies to let a visitor or customer experience a story. “

More than ever we notice a growing interest in VR and other immersive technologies to let a visitor or customer experience a story. Kevin Taelman - COO Nanopixel

Nanopixels VR experience is not the only ‘state-of-the-art’ innovation that is given space in Health House, the experience center that wants to be a unique platform for powerful visualisations, unique experiences and digital storytelling. Moreover, everything shown is scientifically valorised with professors, doctors and experts within the discipline. If you want to visit the center, you can visit the website of Health House.

Written by
Gauthier Creytens Digital Marketeer