Nanopixel is ambitious with Showreal®

During the first edition of the event The Future of Selling Real Estate, Nanopixel, the Belgian market leader in the field of high-end 3D visualization and a pioneer in digital customer experiences, presented their latest product Showreal to press and top managers from the Belgian real estate sector. The interactive application helps project developers with the visualization and sale of residential units. The results do not lie: 48 apartments of Vastgoed Degroote were sold in just 3 months with the help of Showreal.

Showreal supports sales staff and project developers with the sale of their real estate. It is a combination of software, hardware and state-of-the-art 3D visualization. Through the Showreal touchtable and a life-sized video wall, the customer can view all the apartments or units of a real estate project. This gives him a very complete picture of the construction project before it is there. The advantage for the project developer? The customer is better informed and is more quickly convinced.

Visualize, inform, interact and sell

Nanopixel provides with Showreal the content of the application from A to Z: the renders, integration of CAD drawings, animations, photos, videos, 360 ° master plan overview and 3D ground plans. With the floor slicer the customer receives a cross-section of each floor and apartment. The seller can take the customer to another floor with a simple drag on the screen. With drone images, the customer can also see real views from every apartment, from every floor, at any time of the day (morning, afternoon, evening).

Dietrich De Blander, CEO at Nanopixel: “Today’s consumers want to be immersed. With Showreal we create a unique experience that allows a building project to experience better-than-lifelike. And where the project developer can determine the customer journey. “

Integration with CRM

Showreal can be fully integrated with the website of the project developer, but also links CRM such as Salesforce or Zoho. This way the customer can easily gather information from home and compile a wish list. Once at the point of sale, the seller can immediately view the customer’s preferences, visualize them in a lifelike manner and complete the sales process. “Above all, we want to make the sale of real estate simpler and faster, a win-win for consumers and the real estate market. Selling real estate in a flawless, efficient way is what we aim for “, says Dietrich.

We want to make the sale of real estate easier and faster, a win-win for consumers and the real estate market. Dietrich De Blander - CEO Nanopixel
48 apartments sold in barely 3 months

The first projects have already been realized. For example, Showreal paid off for the Sky Towers project in Ostend. David Degroote, director of Vastgoedgroep Degroote: “The sales tool Showreal ensures that a very complex project can be explained to the potential customer in a very clear and simple way.”

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