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Nanopixel wins International award VR Architecture and Real Estate of the Year

The Belgian Nanopixel, market leader in high-end 3D visuals and virtual reality experiences, was awarded the International VR Awards 2018 in the ‘VR Architecture and Real Estate of the Year’ category last night.

The VR Awards is the largest award ceremony that rewards the best products, solutions and realisations in VR worldwide. Among the nominations we find international Virtual Reality members such as Rewind (one of the largest UK VR agencies), the American ILMxLAB, the VR office of George Lucas and Zerolight, the company behind the groundbreaking VR experiences for Audi, with offices in the United Kingdom, China, Germany and the USA.

In the VR Architecture & Real Estate category, Nanopixel won the award that is awarded to companies that have developed practical and innovative VR applications in the architecture and / or real estate market.

“I am extremely proud of this award”, says Dietrich De Blander, CEO of Nanopixel, “We are now also internationally recognised as a partner that can guarantee ‘future-proof’ solutions, which enable you to compete with customer experiences of the highest level. A fantastic recognition of the hard work and the endless creativity of our team! “

A fantastic recognition of the hard work and the endless creativity of our team! Dietrich De Blander - CEO Nanopixel

The project with which Nanopixel has won this award is a VR tool developed for a real estate company. The group uses Virtual Reality when purchasing a project home or apartment. With this, customers can configure and experience their new home without even having one brick. The tool offers, among other things, the possibility to choose and compare the interior finish of their new home in a virtual environment. The VR application is an absolute eye-catcher and contains a wide range of options including floor and wall tiles, interior joinery, plumbing and lighting. Nanopixel created the virtual living spaces and digitised all possible finishing materials.

“This tool is only one of the many innovative applications of Nanopixel, with which companies can distinguish themselves from their competition. Customers from the most diverse sectors are starting to discover the potential of VR and AR technology today, “says Dietrich De Blander.

Written by
Gauthier Creytens Digital Marketeer