3D configurator

We design and develop 3D (product) configurators for web, sales reps and other that add great value to the sales process. A product configurator in an online environment is an ideal way of converting website visitors to sales leads. A web configurator creates the possibility to showcase your product in its various options and is practical at the same time. Also applicable for your showroom experience. A successful web configurator is one that has been built around your brand, company strategy and business/sales processes.

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hugelier configurator
3D configurator

What's the point?

When configuring a product in a virtual environment, the focus of the user is 100% with the experience. The realism and available insights are unmatched in this. Your client can configure your product real-time as if he was assembling it for real. Experiences like this leave a lasting impression.

A configurator is the ideal way to bring out large varieties and / or combinations in a clear, well-organized way. By having your customers configure your products, a product becomes personal. ‘Tailor-made for the customer’ as it should be.

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3D configurator

The ultimate marketing or sales tool for your product

What are the benefits? The consumer can fully customise your product to his taste. It also ensures that complex products can be presented in a clear way. A configurator offers incredibly valuable insights about your consumer, real-time and linked to a database (preferences, analytics information, etc.). It prevents misunderstandings or sharing wrong information (eg. calculation errors, errors in a quote, etc.) and can be a valuable asset in evaluating and taking product-related decisions.

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3D configurator



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